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2010 will see the launching of our Eco Park, specifically designed for the rearing of swiflets that produce edible nests, in a rural environment.

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For China Investors we will be exhibiting our concept and making presentations at the 1st International Bird's Nest Expo 2010 to be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel, Guanzhou, China  between 2nd & 5th October 2010. Download Brochure Here.

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Lord Cranbrook, Swiflets Specialist - Presentation notes as webpage, pdf or word doc    


We are developing swiftlet houses on agricultural land.


These units will be fully licensed and with a registered company.

All units will be designed and fitted out by experienced consultants with above average success rates.

All units will be built on minimum of 1/2 acre plots.

Build size and fittings options will be available.

Developed for owner operators.

Security package available.

More information here


 Make Millions from Swiftlet Farming

There is a saying, “If you do Swiftlet farming successfully for 3 years, you will be taken care of for the rest of your life”. Whilst this sounds exaggerated, in reality it sums up how lucrative the returns can be.

Nan Yang Shang Pau reported in detail on 28th September 2007 that a successful 20 by 70 feet swiftlet house can bring millions of reward in 3 years after starting full harvest!

Let’s make a simple calculation as follows:

A standard two storey 20 X 70 feet shop house will have a build up area of 2800-square feet. This means that such a shop house can produce 2800 edible-birdnest in every 4-month, thus annual production of 8400 edible-birdnest. (On average, swiftlets have three broods per year and usually lay two eggs per brood).

Base on 110 edible-birdnest per 1 kilogram (about 9 gram per edible-birdnest), and assuming the selling price of Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 4,5000 per kilogram, thus 8400 edible-birdnest equals to 76 kilograms, and the value of RM 342,000 is the return of investment generated annually at full production. By projection, within 3 years of full harvest, the value of RM 1 million is attainable.

There is already legislation in Sarawak to ensure that swiftlets houses can be built and operated on agricultural land, but not residential houses or shoplots, due to the Sarawak Land code section 33 cap 81.


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